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Please pardon me mostly C&P-ing from the sales thread -- not a lot of spoons today.

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DoA Sales Thread for Olivia Head

Still for sale: Doll in Mind Johnny Depp Minimee Head w/Jay Searle Face-Up (NS) (Make me an offer, I'll take $175.)

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Den of Angels Sales Thread

Included in sale: Head only, plus a pair of hazel acrylic eyes if you'd like them. I am open to discussing selling the wigs he is pictured in, although the short brown wig is a 7/8 and he would be best in an 8/9.

Johnny Depp Minimee head with natural face-up by Jay Searle, in very good condition (although right upper eyelash should be fixed/replaced - face-up not affected. May be fixable by reshaping with a warm wet washcloth, but I will leave that to his new owner.)

Pardon the less-than-perfect wig/eye choices -- I had to improvise a bit. He looks really good in dark brown eyes, but I didn't have any brown eyes that quite fit (since most of my dolls are 12mm or 18mm), so he's wearing amber glass eyes, which I believe are 14mm.

He's on a Senior Delf body (62.5cm), which has a slightly bigger neck than a Delf or Domuya body (he'd fit a Delf, but would probably be a bit large proportionally.) He would also be a good fit for a Dollshe body or similar 60-70cm body with a mid-sized neck, I'd guess.

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Trying to see if a poll can be voted on by people without an LJ account. Please don't vote unless you're participating in the group order under discussion.

The shoe styles are shown here -- a seller who makes SD16 shoes is willing to make IpleHouse shoes (which will fit EID/SID/nYID heeled feet), if we can meet their minimum order of 100 pairs made using the new last. They're willing to do up to 5 colors, but we'd need to pick one style.

So far, the pointed pumps are in the lead, but I'm trying to see if that changes with a poll.

If you've filled out the poll, please comment with your answers and your DoA name, so that I can get in touch later, when everything is hammered out -- thanks! :)

[Poll #1953901]
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Official release post, with pre-order information at the bottom :)

Independent-artist-sculpted and professionally-cast, these two boys are a wonderful blend of sleek and muscular, with a 3-part torso, fantastic hipbones, expressive hands, and wonderfully-unique faces. Batchix is an amazing doll artist (I love my Mini-Machina!) and a friend, and I would *love* to see the directions that individual owners decided to take with these dolls!

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