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ashbet: (Floral)

ashbet's Journal

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Created on 2010-09-11 00:43:52 (#621978), last updated 2019-02-13 (9 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 16
Location:United States of America
Website:Mater Metis


My art: DeviantArt page and personal gallery

My writing: Poetry pages and singdownthemoon writing commmunity

Shed Skins (former LJ nicks) -- this probably tells you far more about me than I want you to know:

pink leopard print
kitten of smallness
sexually confused decepticon
remarkably hostile vegetable
pink sugar heart attack
cute thing with two tiny little slits in its head
probLEMS, plural
K is NOT for Küt3z0r
+10 Vorpal Kitten
kitten hates the world
there is no such thing as overkill
"Raaghh! Machines! Drugs! Haircut!"
Rampaging Bitchzilla
there is only kitten (and sometimes zool)
raindrops are fallin' on my head
cuddly little fission reactor
a lot like "Caligula," but with more lasers
ye bigge metal thonking sticke
meteorite-repelling tinfoil hat
unfit for human consumption
pocket dreadnought
hell-kitten from hell
soggier than a really soggy thing
I'd like a body wave and a lap dance, please
Napz0r the Magnificent
put enough grommets on it and I’ll buy anything
Spontaneously Internet-Generated Jessica Rabbit
the word for the day is SPORE!
Tropical Storm Andi
Psycho-Bitches Anti-Defamation League
find a warm place, curl up in it
laser-powered kitten with a sting in her tail
vanilla yogurt from outer space
Post-Apocalyptic Glamazon
a single modest hydrogen bomb
quaking in anticipation of boots
groove thing of vast and imposing proportions
blazing fury falling from the sky
Mad Max Gladiatrix With Really Good Hair
the law of unintended underpants
sheep with wolf hat
for self-termination by electric shock, press 1
authorities warn of rabid kitten
incidental cookies are still tasty
a balanced part of your complete breakfast
her eyes were cobalt red, her voice was cobalt blue
corrigibility is an overrated virtue
a spray bottle of acid and a pair of bolt-cutters
the very epitome of sartorial overkill
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous
Cenobite of Paper Cuts
fade to blue
I woke on impact, under surveillance . . .
video burn
Alien Fungal Spore Cheesecake Factory
It's like doing Ray Harryhausen with a sock puppet
see these eyes so green
like a lavender chainsaw or a pretty pink factory
Witch With Flying Head
I will burn you, and give papercuts to the ashes
following the dog star
Kneel before snuzzlings!
Nesty Little Succubus
filling all of the desert with inviolable voice
"You're damn lucky I don't keep a brick in this bed!"
Genghis Kitten
points out cows to adults
Captain Hook is my personal hero
oontz oontz ich du lieber whateverthefuck
self-aggrandizing, solipsistic ego queen
Default Mode: Crush/Kill/Destroy
neverending battle between fashion & head-explodey
canister of liquid satan
naughtiness abhors a vacuum
'succubus' doesn't even BEGIN to describe it
something kitten this way comes
utterly scaldingly cherrybomb vesuvius hot
loved more than your own toes
straying into metaphorical panties territory
if cute doesn't do it, jiggly probably will
the first step in the downfall of man
bizarro neon-pink fetishistic bed of nails
all smiles and curls and honey devil kisses
More "Imp of the Perverse" than "Gimp of the Perverts"
We are Kitten. We are many.
group a|b / pot pie? yes|no / exploded? no|yes
Filtering life through Milo-Manara-tinted glasses
...I turned to gold, then I turned to dust...
Incorrigible Tart: 1990-Present
an iron fist in a cute little fingerless glove
Alpha Bitch
Evil. With hot evil sauce. And a side order of evils.
it's a cosmic injustice that I'm not a Coop-girl yet
A Veritable Snowglobe Of Fractal SubKittens
...transfixed, transfigured, and undone...
forever I burn as the stars burn
personal pocket demon
cheery/unrepentant/famously difficult to chastise
desperately in need of several hugs
gene-spliced theme-park accident waiting to happen
eyes a distant flame
desperately in need of some fucktastically huge guns
it's cold in here
Bad reptile brain! No donut!
scavenging for a taste of heaven
a molotov cocktail with a match to go
sweeter than the needle's sting
passion victim
when distance fades to stormy grey
a thousand thousand pieces
New! Improved! Better Than Spider Bites Or Eating Cardboard!
soft things and subtle eroticism
simply wretched, thanks for asking
silence sifting into the room like snow
shut your noise tube, taco human!
a vision from the angel wars
there is rust in my mouth, the stain of an old kiss
impatient and electric-eyed
we all have wings, but some of us don't know why
there's no comfort in the truth
heaven's just a rumor she'll dispel
...dressed in black, I'm a heart attack...
bordered always by the blue
the damage shows the circuitry beneath the skin
purple static hazed eyes
I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive
One bite won't hurt, will it?
ashes from the sky, like a blessing in reverse
we're the same and different, locked, a secret
deep in the trees, strayed from the path
in the darkness of my body, I am ravished by visions
there's something in the air that feels like winter
The Love Song of J. Alfred Shoggoth
all this fascination with leather and lace
ballistic lipstick dream machine
remember when you thought I was boundless as an ocean
that fierce rapture of unfurled wings
the stars are only broken glass in the night
Cooking with Battle-Mecha
j0lly b00ts of d00m
I am the angel of your destruction
half-eaten candy from some disordered heaven
by the light of a single star
The Urban Gothic Outreach Program
a star-crossed void
cherry blossom bruises
this is the final broken nail
...if the choice were mine to make...
a sort of fuzzy Escher (that mews)
the waves that drown you to sleep
A little bit Giger, a little bit rock'n'roll
drinking down the flame
a microscopic cog in a catastrophic plan ("Red Right Hand" misquote)
something left that a kiss could not destroy
the usual cartoon nudity warning
Founding Resident of the Rural Hamlet of Eeeville
protecting the environment by eating cows
everything's a warning, everything's a sign (Ego Likeness)
Not Exactly Fanboy Kryptonite
No tea! No sympathy!
your violent flower, your smoke orchid
Serpent-tressed Overseer Muse
the persistence of glitter
it may be dysfunctional, but at least it's consistent
Ceci n'est pas une Peep!
starkle starkle little twink
It's got a gecko on it!
preparing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse
textbook case of poor impulse control
in case of Antichrist pregnancy, break glass
Lesbian Porn Analyst Extraordinaire
Option (D): Get drunk and operate heavy machinery!
in the jungle of the senses
The Amerigo Vespucci of Crazy
feelin' like a sheep on a leash
a licensed subsidiary of the Umbrella Corporation
a lighthouse on the shore of night
my Pagan name is Pangolin Triffid
death by cupcake!
Mighty Dinornis, Chicken Tyrant of a Savage Age!
Crazy Man sez: Cars only go that fast with VOODOO!
voted most likely to become God-Emperor of Earth
string and packing-tape
paper jaguar
I do not have a Dalek Patronus
a wish on every single star
love letters in the sand
Egyptian Cyber Priestess of Slut
whatever it is, I'm most impressed
impatient and elemental
a choir full of longing
come take my hand, I will show you the flame
Deep Down Drama Hounds
unbite the apple
obviously not a REAL princess
no longer allowed to say 'ovipositor' in bed
Happy Kitten Delivery
The Tao of PVC and Hello Kitty
lie back in temptation's arms
this is only BREAKFAST fabulous, darling
evil cupcake mastermind
she's flown to other shores
coffee-chocolate-flavoured piece of long-distance totty
watching the sky
The Crampy and Slumpy Show
you just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake
a deep and abiding contentment
on days like this, in times like these
guided by a signal in the heavens
Queen of Exposition
I eat sea kittens
fueled by a fiercer fire
ArchBaron Vesuvius von Hemostat XVII (courtesy of takhisis)
the mating habits of deep-sea anglerfish
...and I'm still falling from grace...
Tiny T-Rex Arms of JOY!!!
you lift me up, like the sweetest cup
delights and torments in equal measure
Ashbet Original Recipe - Accept No Substitutions!
Ashbet's Old-Fashioned Patent Headache Remedy
sometimes people are meant to stay
like winter in July
world without end
if I'm dreaming, don't wake me tonight
moving forward using all my breath
bouncy evil on your couch
a secret moon or mirror, a sheet of paper
Internet Wank-Blame Anniversary Day
sleight of hand and twist of fate
The Way of the Reciprocal Fruit Bat
pillow talk with the world
don't dream it's over
one day I'll have the strength to find my wings
the end of night
to open mercy, to open your siren throat
spark like empty lighters
elemental rhinestone chaos skull
if you've got the inclination, I’ve got the crime
silver splits the blue
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