Nov. 16th, 2016

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My amazing friend Kali is working on an idea that might be able to provide direct help to vulnerable people most affected by the new administration:

"I have mentioned in a couple places that I am thinking about trying to put together something inspired by the Underground Railroad to help our LGBT community and (if the ACA falls) disabled folks relocate to more hospitable states. Whenever things get ugly, a lot of privileged liberals ask, "Why don't they just move?" They don't understand that for the most vulnerable folks, 'just move' somewhere safer feels about as likely to happen as 'just move' to the moon.

My plan has 3 key parts. First, we need a network of waystations, people who will give the people we're helping somewhere to stay for the night. Second, we need places for the people we're helping to stay in liberal areas while they get hooked up with social services (if appropriate) and find places to live. Third, it's going to take money and resources to run this all - gas cards, frequent flyer miles, any rental or moving companies that would work with us, relationships with motel chains or restaurant chains or gas chains that might give us discounts, money to help with deposits on new places to live, anything and everything we can use to help make moves easier.

If I'm going to do this, I guess I'll have to put together a nonprofit for this purpose. I'm tentatively calling this entity Come Home Safe. Obviously, I can't do this alone. Even if I was healthy, there's so much to do! So I figured I would ask if any of my friends would be interested in joining me to put this together."


There's more, if you click through. I'm absolutely willing to serve as a Texas waystation, although my own finances are such that I could provide a bed and food, but not financial donations at this time. Still, if people who can't provide housing are willing to kick in to help fund the movement, I think this is something that could really help people in need directly.

Please comment on Kali's post, so that she can get notified of the responses.

(BTW, she does have a legal background, and has worked for legal nonprofits in the past, so she's not just a layperson offering to set something like this up -- she does have relevant contacts and experience in the field.)

It's not a one-person job -- she has the same genetic disorder that I do, so spoons are limited -- but she's someone I'd trust to bring this movement to life :)

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