Nov. 5th, 2016

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Signal-boosting for my friend Trish -- if you have any questions, contact info is in the text. Please repost to help two DFW-area kitties who need new homes!

>>>I have been pet sitting for two wonderful cats who, unfortunately, are in need of a new home or homes. They are both sweet cats with very different personalities, so I will write each up by itself. They CAN go to different homes since they are not bonded to one another.

Rose : Rose is a very sweet, small kitty around 4 years old. She is spayed. She's the most gorgeous cream with light orange markings and crystal blue eyes. She has a little bump on her nose that has always been there, and it adds to her character. We often called her squeaker, because she has this soft squeaky little meow. Once she warmed up after a few days, she slept with me on the bed every night. She's a little lap cat!

Sky : I had been told Sky was 'aloof', but once she gave us a few days, she became an attention HOG! She is also spayed, and is a tabby with beautiful green eyes. She is around 6 years old. Sky would probably do best as a single pet, or at least single cat. For the first week, if she felt threatened (by another animal or by being unsure what you were doing), she would lunge and swat at you (claws not out) as a warning. Now that she feels more secure and we are used to what she likes and doesn't, that rarely happens (this is our 2nd week sitting for them). She purrs like a machine, rubs against you, and even gives kisses. She isn't exactly a lap cat, but at night if there are no other cats on the bed, she will come sleep next to you. She loves to be around people.

If you are interested in either of these cats, feel free to contact Al and Donna Baron, who run the Plano Pets Are Inn business, at 972-424-8400 so they can arrange things.

Please open your hearts and homes to these sweet kitties! Believe me, if my husband would allow us to have more animals at least one would be staying with us. It's not an option for us, but a great opportunity for you!

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